Tips on How to Clean Your Carpet

Before cleaning your carpet, you need to determine first if the fabric is colorfast. If so, it means that the carpet won’t fade its color easily with heavy cleaning. This alone will guide what type of cleaning method are you going to use including the cleaning materials. To be sure that the carpet is colorfast, you can cut samples from the carpet on the areas that are hardly noticeable. Wet a small cloth with a cleaning agent and leave it on the sample carpet cloth you cut for an hour. After that, remove the cloth and check for signs of blotting. If there are blots on the cloth, that means that the cleaning agent is not compatible with the carpet material. With that, you have to do another test of a different cleaning agent until you get the desired result.

Because of this, various types of cleaning agents emerged. This led to the production of less harmful, non-toxic, and environmental-friendly cleaning agents that reduces damage of your belongings and to the atmosphere. You can also read more about home DIY tips from

Another thing to consider when cleaning your carpet is to make sure that it doesn’t damage the furniture and floor. As much as possible, remove the furniture and vacuum your carpet thoroughly. It is also best to follow the standard procedure in cleaning the carpet provided by its manufacturer. You can always see this on their leaflets when you buy the carpet. You can also ask help from the professionals and ask for their advise.

Carpet Drying and Washing

Steam cleaning is the most common method of cleaning carpets with the use of water. The process is to instill the cleaning solution in the carpet, then after that, the soiled fluid is washed away with the machine. Make sure to dry the carpet properly. If you fail to dry the carpet, it will smudge the flooring, cause discoloration to both the floor and the carpet, and worst of all, leave a foul odor.

Another method of cleaning is the dry extraction. In this method, you have to put a dry absorbent material on top of the carpet and vacuum it. It is regarded as the most effective way of cleaning the carpet though the cleaning agents it require is expensive.

When cleaning your carpet, don’t judge it by the way it looks. You may decide to use methods that are convenient for you but this may not be appropriate with the carpet material. This can result to damage not just with your belongings but with the health of your family or business partners as well. That is why, environmentally friendly cleaning products are encouraged to be manufactured. They are also referred as green products because the compound it is made up of can co-exist with the atmosphere. This helps the air we breathe become fresh and clean. Therefore, carpet cleaning is not just about how to clean it but also on how we clean it without harming ourselves and our environment.