Consider Installing A Water Softener Shower Head

A shower-head softening device is a shower head that attaches to the valve and softens your showers water only. These are not the same as shower filters, which filter out the harmful chemicals and not dissolved minerals that make your water hard. One of the first things you should do before you install a water softener shower head is to purchase a water test kit or pick up a free kit at your local hardware store.

After you find out the type of water you have in your home then you can decide what type of water softener shower head you need to install.

Who are they made for?

A water softener shower head is made specifically for people that are worried about the effects of hard water minerals on their skin and hair, or people who just like the feel of soft water. These are also a good choice for someone that lives in an apartment or rental house and cannot install a regular water softener, or they want to be able to take the water softener with them if they decide to move.

What will is cost me?

A water softener shower head can cost about $100 but the filters for them are priced lower. A replacement cartridge ranges anywhere from $10 to $50 depending on the brand of the water softener shower head and the quality. You can purchase a water softener shower head at your local hardware store or order them from stores online.

The only maintenance needed for a water softener shower head is changing the filters and the costs are a lot cheaper than a whole house water softener system. Certain brands of water softener shower head filters can only be ordered from the manufacturer, so it is important to factor that into your budget when investing in one.

What are the benefits of a shower head softener vs. a whole house system?

  • Most people think that a soft water feels better, but this isn’t true for everyone, some think that soft water makes your skin feel oily and your body will not dry as quickly.
  • You can shower in soft water every day, unlike hard water that can make your skin feel dry
  • Most water softener shower heads remove iron as well as hard water minerals like magnesium and calcium. If your water has a high amount of iron in it, which is a common problem for people with well water, then a water softener can help take care of the extra iron content.
  • You might notice that you have lime scale build up on and around your shower head and this can cause your fixtures to corrode. A water softener shower head should help eliminate that issue.
  • Soft water is better for your skin and hair and also feels better. Hard water causes a mineral buildup on your body and your soap will not later as much and can’t get you as clean as soft water.
  • Soap doesn’t lather as well in hard water so you will use more if you have hard water.
  • Hard water can create a lot more soap scum than soft water, if you’re using a water softener shower head, you will notice a lot less soap scum building up in the shower and tub.


Installing a water softener shower head is a pretty simple task, especially compared to the difficult installation of a whole house water softening system. A water softener shower head device usually includes a shower head, a small filtering tank, and a piece that can attach to the shower valve. It is not necessary to have a professional install the shower head. Just simply remove your old shower head and replace it with the new one.

Not much too it, is there? one last piece of advice – a shower head softener is a great way to test whether you like soft water or now, as soft water is not for everyone!